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Scottie’s Garage – the wife’s side of the equation

October 1, 2009

Our family has been attending car shows since before we were a family.  My husband and I spend a lot of time, mostly on weekends, working on our cars; cleaning, detailing, or showing them at events throughout the mid-Atlantic and beyond. 

We are members of multiple car clubs, generally associated with the specific makes of the vehicles which we own.  Most of the car shows we attend are organized by these clubs or ones like them.  Many of the shows we attend are planned as fund raisers to benefit organizations.

My husband and I have multiple cars, of many different makes and from many different eras/generations.  Our ownership of the first antique truck we purchased pre-dates our marriage.  Shortly after we were married we did a nominal restoration on our 1953 Dodge pick-up.  Over the past year-and-a-half we did a more extensive restoration with modifications; it can now be classified as a ‘resto-rod’.  

Our entire family is involved with the car culture in one way or another.  Dad is an active member in car clubs, planning and running car shows.  Our daughter grew up attending car shows since she was in infant and is now in mechanical engineering, working on automotive technology. 

If you want to spend a relaxing day getting to know people and listening to stories you should attend a car show.  Take a moment to ask the owners about their cars, why they collected them, what it takes to keep them running or what it took to get them running.  Every car has a story.

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