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A Casual Primer To Judging A Car Show

October 13, 2009
And the winner is ...

Shannon surprised by her win of a Sponsor's Choice for her 1957 Thunderbird

As a spectator at a car show, you may wonder what the judges of a Concours or Panel Judged show would consider when choosing one car over another. Many times, if not most, the judges of a car show are current or past owners of similar cars and have been around enough cars to know what to expect. They understand the proper parts the car should have, the fit and finish of the vehicle and the availability of parts for restoration/repair.

When at a show with People’s Choice judging you should take the time to review each vehicle as if you were a knowledgeable judge. Many times it is very easy to determine who has taken the time to present their vehicle for your viewing pleasure. People’s Choice awards are often given to the car the People like the most because of their value, how unique the vehicle is or because the owners take the time to talk to anyone about their car – making it more personal to the voter. Women react to cars differently than men and children do. Some shows recognize this and have categories for People’s Choice, Ladies Choice, and Kids Choice.

Here are some points to ponder and things to take into consideration:
Exterior: Exterior surfaces – paint, glass and trim; rain channels or gutters, trunk: (if the tire and jack are visible they should be in good condition), wheels and tires, wheel wells, hood/engine bay, exhaust, and undercarriage.

Interior: inside glass, dash, vents, floors/carpets, seats, interior surfaces, and foot pedals – throttle, brake, clutch.

People’s Choice is most often which car the voter likes the most in their hearts as opposed to a points valuation.

Come out to a People’s Choice show and cast your vote – every vote counts!

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  1. themadjewess permalink
    November 12, 2009 3:31 pm

    I LOVE old cars! See this, you will love it;

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