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Why Go To A Car Show?

October 21, 2009

Why Go To A Car Show?

 Car shows are a great way to meet interesting people from a wide range of backgrounds with a vast variety of experiences. Even though you may not be a ‘gear-head’ or truly interested in cars there is always something to appreciate when you have a gathering of car owners and enthusiasts.

Car shows are especially great for finding time to spend with children. Most children attending car shows seem to enjoy finding the differences between the makes and models, learning about the cars and asking lots of questions. Car shows can be turned into learning opportunities for learning colors, paying attention to detail, counting and spelling. It is fun to create games for children based on car shows: car show bingo, I Spy and Filling the Rainbow were some of my daughter’s favorites.

Even those not truly into cars can appreciate the form and function of the automobile – can you tell the difference between cars designed for sport versus work versus commute? It is fun to see the differences between each designer’s concept of what a car should feature, or the design differences between the ‘ordinary’ parts of the car – the seats, steering wheel, rims and body lines. Even something as seemingly mundane as headlights or taillights can make a real styling difference.

Shows are a great way to meet people with varying interests within the car hobby. There are sports, muscle, classic, historic, brass ear, antique, custom, modified, hot rods, street rods, exotics, European (Italian, German, French, British), Asian (mostly Japanese, and more recently Korean) and micro cars; each with their own following. Many enthusiasts enjoy a variety of cars. Then there are the diehard fans of muscle or classic cars, as an example; people that live and breathe their interest. There are those that follow just one model within a make, such as Mustang,Road Runner, Camaro or Corvette.

Most car shows will host a variety of makes and models. Some shows are keyed to one manufacturer (i.e. Ford), one make (i.e. Mustang) or one genre (i.e. exotic). Whatever the format you will find a wide variety of people showing their vehicles, each with their own level of interest, their own reasons for enjoying the car hobby, and each with their own stories to tell.

Car shows are a great way to share some time with the family. An interest in cars can span the generations and help to close the generation gap. Enjoying a car show can be as short as just a quick cruise through the lot or taking the time to study each car, compare and contrast. Add car shows to the family list of things to do and I am sure you will all find something you like.

See you at a show sometime.

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