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Perspectives in Photographing Auto Shows

October 30, 2009
Alternate Perspective in Photography

Oldschool Reflected in New School

Some of the greatest fun in photography is finding your own perspective.  Perspective is fundamentally defined as ‘point of view’.  What do you want your shot to convey about the show or the vehicle you are photographing?  What do you most want to remember about the show? 

Frame your photo to show what you most want to remember or share:

 The whole auto – if you want to show the entire car – frame the photo so that the car fills the viewfinder nearly from edge to edge. Be certain to look carefully at the image in your viewfinder: are there any odd objects in the photo which can be eliminated or diminished by changing the perspective slightly? Sometimes a step to one side or the other will change the way a building or tree looks in relation to your subject.

 Alternate perspectives can create some amazing images. Most people take their shots from a standing position, basically looking down on the hood, front corner or rear corner of the vehicle.Consider taking the shot from a kneeling position, the pavement level or even from higher than a standing position. Take shots of specific features from differing angles, for example the front bumper or grille of the car can be shot from many angles to give different results.

 Emblems, grilles, features – if you want to show a particular feature a straight on shot is usually best, leaving a margin around the emblem within the viewfinder. Sometimes stepping back an extra step and zooming in on the image will create a sharper image, than if you stand close to the emblem and try to focus.

 Essence, ambience and atmosphere – if you want to convey the atmosphere of a car show stand back and take shots with multiple cars and people milling about. Once that photo is taken wait a moment and take the same shot with fewer or more people. Take photos of people working the show, talking with the owners and the owners cleaning their cars – they are all a part of the show experience.

 Use reflections to capture images differing from the ordinary. Capture the image of one car in the reflection of the glass, body side panel or hub cap of another car. Photograph the building behind a car as it is reflected in the hood, roof or trunk of the car.

 Please remember to ask the owner of the car to close or open the hood, open or close the door or trunk for the shot you desire. Do not open or close doors, hoods or trunks without permission!

Finding your own perspective to capture is a true way to personalize your photographs.  Use your photographs to convey your memories of the show, the cars you saw or the details of the vehicles which were on display.  Each photographer sees something different when they look through the viewfinder.  What will you see at the show?









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