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Some General Notes on Photoraphing Car Shows

November 2, 2009
72 pantera

Auto information posted on windshield.

Some General Notes on Photographing at Car Shows:  After taking the time to frame the shot which expresses what you most want to convey about the car show or the autos you saw, you don’t want to get home to discover there are a couple of steps you could have taken to make the shot better. 




Take a moment to preview your shots using the playback and zooming in on the image with the view screen. You might find that the photos are out of focus or not lit properly. Reviewing gives you the opportunity to get it right before losing the chance.


Turn off the date feature for the images – if you are using a digital camera, the date code is embedded in the record.  If you are not using a digital camera, take a picture of the show flyer to record the date, or use the date feature on just your first (and possibly last) picture.


Take lots of memory cards. The price for the memory cards is dropping on a regular basis and taking digital photos is virtually free. Taking multiple shots with slight changes in perspective or lighting will offer you more opportunity for the perfect shot.


Take photos of the display/dash cards to help you remember what each car is, or who the owner was with whom you were speaking.


Be careful with your equipment – camera straps, lens covers, camera bags, tripods and even your clothing can scratch or dent a cars finish as you move around the car trying to get the desired shot.


Some great resources for tips on photographing your auto can be found by clicking below:
Hemmings 10 Easy Steps to Better Car Show Shots


Cobracountry Fototips


Photography Review Car Photo Guide


Grab your camera and enjoy a show!














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