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Some Drivers …

December 14, 2009

The other day I was following a BMW X3 on seven miles of a two lane road near home.  The road is a relatively major road, heavily travelled throughout all hours of the day and night. It is not as though you could see for any great distance, because this is a ‘country road’ twisting and turning around hills and through the watershed, through the woods.

The driver of this vehicle was obviously thinking of everything but driving.  The X3 would serve across the double yellow lines and straddle for long stretches at a time until the driver saw oncoming vehicles, nearly colliding on more than one occasion.  Then seeming to overcompensate the driver would hang over the shoulder coming very close to hitting the trees along the road.  After making the correction of driving off the road the driver would then go back to straddling the center line. I left an increasing margin between myself and the X3 as we continued to travel.  One car became impatient with my increased ‘safety margin’ and passed me on a double yellow line, only to then turn within a 1/4 mile – why take that risk?
Over the years I find myself allowing more safety margins when I drive.  When I have to stop for a red light I wait a moment when the light turns green and check all directions to make certain all those with the red light do indeed stop.  That little moment of hesitation has saved me from near misses or accidents more than a few times.

With age comes wisdom, or so I hope.  It is more likely that with experience comes caution.

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