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Getting Your Auto Fix in the Winter

February 25, 2010

Getting Your Car Guy/Gal Fix in the Winter

Cars and the related culture can be a great distraction from the pressures of everyday life.  Taking the time on a beautiful spring, summer or fall day to participate in a show, see a show or browse through a swap/parts meet can be relaxing and place you with a group of fellow enthusiasts.  What do you do for a ‘fix’ in the winter.  Here in Maryland we have a big indoor show the first weekend of December, the auto show in mid-February and a couple of winter parts meets.  That only covers four weekends of almost four months of automotive activity drought.

Many aspects of the car culture can be experienced in the comforts of your home during inclement weather or the dead of winter, or even away from home through the wonders of the internet.  Forums can be found for nearly any broad or special interest within the auto culture.  Automotive interest items can be found for auction or sale through eBay or vendor websites.  In addition to forums there are social networking sites much akin to Facebook and MySpace for auto enthusiasts.

Forums can relate to specific makes [Ferrari, Dodge, Fiat], models [Mustang, Corvette, Pantera], genres [Microcar, 6-Speed, Racing] or general.  A quick search on the internet will garner many results, just type in the make, model or genre in which your interest lies and ‘forum’ to see the options.  A quick search on Bing for “Ferrari forum” yielded:,,,and  A quick Google search for “auto racing forum” resulted in:,, and as the first four items.   There are multiple general forums such as, and

Most forums do not require membership to view or explore the site.  Within each site you will usually find calendars of events, regional discussion boards and parts/items for sale.  Most forums require membership/registration to post or respond.  Registration is generally free, especially if the site is open to the public, and available to the general public.  You don’t need to own a car which relates to the forum, just be an enthusiast.  Please read the forum rules carefully, they have ‘moderators’ who watch every posting and have the ability to edit or delete your posting, and to ban you from posting if you do not heed their warnings.  The forums are a great way to stay in touch.

Social networking is also available through sites such as Hub  Hub is a site much like Facebook or MySpace.  You can create a profile, post pictures, blog and make friends from around the nation or even world.  Hub allows you to see photos and videos of cars and events.  Hub Garage is a great way to find others with cars similar to yours or one in which you are interested [using the search feature] then allows you to communicate directly with the member.  There are also sections related to news, classifieds and an automotive art gallery. The Hub is a great way to lose yourself on a quiet morning or afternoon.

Keeping in touch with the car culture can be easy even for the barely computer literate.  You can find an escape from the doldrums with  a computer and access to the internet, not to mention make new friends and find parts you need or automobilia you ‘need’.

Let your fingers ‘do the walking’ when there is no place to physically go to get your automotive fix.

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