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Wheels of Time Street Rod and Custom Jamboree

August 31, 2010

Every time he would fire up the engine, crowds would amass to see what he has under the hood - it's just an itty bitty NASCAR 572.

This past weekend we participated in the Wheels of Time Street Rod Show and Jamboree in Macungie, PA.  This show, which is held at the Macungie Memorial Park, benefits the local food banks and vocational-technical training scholarships.

The weather was perfect for a weekend show, temps in the mid-upper 80’s on Saturday and the low 90’s on Sunday; beautiful blue skies above and a slight breeze to keep us comfortable.  Last year the event was given the moniker of Mudcungie because of the torrential downpours which more than saturated the weekend.

This show is hosted by The Wheels of Time Street Rod Association, which is a non-profit and charitable organization with its heart dedicated to street rodding.  The last weekend of August finds more than 2,000 customized autos making their way to the little town of Macungie, just south of Allentown, PA.  In addition to the autos on display there are acitivities for the children, women and the gentlemen in attendance. 

One of my favorite acitivities to watch was the teeter-totter.  This is basically a trailer bed which has been modified into an adult version of a childhood favorite.  You drive your car onto the teeter-totter, then you have two minutes to perfectly balance your car.  It is much harder than it sounds, and a lot of fun to watch.  Not very many people can accomplish this feat.

The true favorite part of the weekend event is meeting the people and hearing their stories.  We met people from Florida, Maine, Kentucky and all parts in between.  Each has a story to tell about their vehicle – why they chose that particular vehicle, the work that went into the creation, and some great hard-luck stories as well.  You can loose track of time if you visit with the owners for very long.  You will certainly come out of an event like this with new friends – I know we did.

Next year if you are near Macungie, PA in the last full weekend of August you should stop by the Wheels of Time Street Rod and Custom Jamboree.  You will find a great variety of autos and an even greater variety of owners.  Remember the money raised at this show goes to very worthy causes – food banks and scholarships.

 Over 2000 street rods and custom cars are on display every year at this popular event.  This event also allows us to give back to the Lehigh Valley in the  form of donations to local food banks and Vo-tech scholarships.

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