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Zero Emission Race visits UN COP16 at the Cancun Climate Change Conference

December 10, 2010

Today, December 9, 2010 is a Green day in Cancun, Mexico, not just because leaders from around the world are attending the Cancun Climate Change Conference, but also because the Zero Emissions Race has rolled into town.

Zero emission autos stop at the Cancun Climate Change Conference during their 80 day journey around the world.

It is no coincidence that these two events converged on Cancun at the same time.  The Zero Emissions Race is comprised of four teams; each operating fully electric cars and one motorcycle.  The race is not a ‘over the finish line first’ event, but rather the judging goals of this challenge include power, performance, perseverance and design.   To date, three of the four teams have arrived at all check points and event locations on time.

The race began and ends in Geneva, Switzerland, the home of the United Nations Office.  The purpose of this race is to raise awareness of sustainable forms of transportation.  The Zero Emissions Race was organized by the first person to travel the globe in a solar-powered behicle, Louis Palmer.

U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu is an ardent supporter of  Electric Vehicles (EV’s).  In his speech at the annual United Nations climate conference in Cancun Chu stated that he believes battery powered cars will be competitive with their gasoline powered counterparts in about five years.

“It’s not like it’s ten years off.  It’s about five years and it could be sooner.  Meanwhile the batteries we do have today are soon going to be better by a factor of two.” Steven Chu, as reported by Reuters.

For more information visit:
Zero Emissions Race:  Details the race participants and the different stages of the race;
UN COP 16 – Cancun Climate Change Conference: Information on participants and goals of the conference;
EV Newswire: A story about entrepreneurs Victor Juarez and Sir Richard Branson at the UN COP16.
This article was originally written for – by me – Jeanette K Scott
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